OUT FRONT! is a Derby-based not-for-profit group that presents adventurous music events, and makes them accessible for all.

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About Us

OUT FRONT! has a primary focus on showcasing amazing music through engaging households to experience live jazz and improvised music. Our concerts highlight the diversity of the British and Irish improvised music scenes, and reflect the excellence of musicians and composers in Derby and The Midlands.

OUT FRONT! constantly strives to make these events accessible in terms of pricing, environment and time. This has the potential to bring children and young adults into contact with the music without diminishing family time, as well as giving access to adults who may not be able to afford more costly gigs.

The pricing

All our concerts work on a "One Note" charging principle. If you can afford £5, £10 or even £20, then you are supporting the musicians and we thank you. You are welcome to give more if you can; but no judgement is made if you cannot.

There are three exemptions:

  1. Under 18s
  2. Those who are unable to earn a wage
  3. ASPEN card holders

The environment

Déda is a Centre for Dance, Movement and Creativity based in the heart of the cathedral quarter in Derby – connecting locally, nationally and internationally. Like OUT FRONT!, Déda believes that the arts enhance people’s lives; and we both have a responsibility to reach as wide an audience as possible through presenting, producing and creating excellent work.

We are working with volunteers from Care4Calais Derby branch and Derbyshire Refugee Solidarity to ensure that as many people as possible have access to culture (UDHR, art. 27).

How to get to the venue

Déda is easy to get to from the city centre. If you're thinking of coming from outside Derby, in most cases it's possible travel by bus or train; listen to the whole gig; maybe have a drink afterwards; and get back home.

It takes about 25 minutes or less to walk from Déda to the train station (or you can get a taxi).

Here is a list of times for trains around the 21:30 mark for an arbitrary list of towns and cities; but check your journey before travelling.

Duffield, Belper, Matlock
21:37; or get one of the Sixes buses
Leicester, London
21:23, 21:46 or get the Red Arrow
21:13, 21:33
21:10, 21:31
21:31 (change at Tamworth), 21:48 (direct)

If you are coming by car, there is a car park directly opposite the venue.

The time

Our events start at 6.30p.m. and last an hour. This allows families to bring children; but it also creates a safer working environment for musicians, many of whom are more used to travelling at unreasonable hours. By starting earlier and finishing earlier, OUT FRONT! aims to break the exploitative cycles that persist in live music shows.


In 2016 we were awarded just under £32,000 from Arts Council England, programming our first year of live events and a week-long festival.

Although we are now self-funded, we still ensure that the musicians earn a decent wage for their work, and we have consistently paid over double the Musicians Union fee (we currently pay £200 per musician).

We are funded through Corey Mwamba's Bandcamp subscription; ticket payments; and private donations. If you want to support our work, you can donate to us through PayPal.